Associations and Resources

Transplant Québec partners with organizations, in particular those that support and assist transplant recipients and people awaiting a transplant, to promote organ donation among Quebecers.

Canadian Organ Donors Association (CODA)

The only service CODA provides is the transportation by land of transplant teams, organs and blood samples, a mission carried out with admirable diligence by the police officers who constitute their volunteer base. Transplant Québec coordinates the transportation. This service has been in operation since 1987 and is available only in Quebec.

Association canadienne des greffés 

Association Générale des Insuffisants Rénaux du Québec (AGIR)

Association pulmonaire du Québec 

Vivre avec la fibrose kystique 

Fibrose kystique Québec

Fondation canadienne du foie 

Fondation canadienne du rein 

Fondation des greffés pulmonaires du Québec 

Fondation des maladies du cœur du Québec

Fondation pour la recherche en chirurgie thoracique de Montréal 

Greffe-toi à nous

La Maison des greffés Lina Cyr