Hospital Organization Support

This section is intended for both managers of institutions and professionals working in donation and transplantation, including living donation.

As part of Transplant Québec’s Hospital Development Program, each institution offering critical care services is assigned one of Transplant Québec’s clinical coordinator/advisors so that he or she can help the institution develop best practices in organ donation.

Roles of the clinical coordinator/advisor:

  • Maintain ties between the institution and Transplant Québec
  • Provide assistance to create or support an organ donation committee
  • Help update reference tools
  • Help dispense targeted organ donation training according to assessed needs
  • Help organize activities to raise public awareness of the importance of donating organs
  • Serve as an organ donation resource person
  • Provide support during the Accreditation Canada process

For more information about Transplant Québec’s Institutional Support Program, contact Marie-Josée Lavigne, Head of the Hospital Development Program and Director of the Hospital Teaching and Development Department, by phone at 514-286-1414, ext. 626, or by e-mail at