Professional Skill Updates

Transplant Québec offers reference materials to help guide critical care professionals through the entire donation process, from identifying potential organ donors to retrieval.


Organ and Tissue Donor (OTD) binder

Reference binder covering all steps of the organ donation process; available in all critical care units.


Donation process checklist

This pocket reference will guide professionals throughout the organ donation process.

Maintaining hemodynamic stability

EVA-GUI-001.A - Organ Donor Assessment and Management Guidelines - Adults

EVA-GUI-001.F - Guide relatif à l'évaluation et au maintien du donneur adulte

EVA-GUI-005.A - Organ Donor Assessment and Management Guidelines - Pediatrics

EVA-GUI-005.F - Guide relatif à l'évaluation et au maintien du donneur pédiatrique

Standard organ donation procedure

This procedure aims to support the organ and tissue donation process at institutions in order to increase the number of potential donors identified and make referrals take place more systematically. The procedure is fully aligned with the provisions of Bill 125: An Act to facilitate organ and tissue donation (adopted February 28, 2011) and refers to article 204.1 of An Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services in particular.

Standardized Organ Donation Procedure, with a liaison / resource assigned nurse
Standardized Organ Donation Procedure, without a liaison / resource assigned nurse 


Transplant Québec offers a variety of courses for health professionals, especially those working in critical care.

Main topics:

  • The role of health professionals in the organ donation process
  • Maintaining the hemodynamic stability of organ donors
  • Breaking the news to families and proposing the organ donation option

For more information about Transplant Québec’s courses and reference materials, contact the Transplant Québec’s Hospital Teaching and Development Department, Mme Catherine Lefebvre at 514-286-1414, extention 212 or by email: