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Organ donation training for health professionals

Transplant Québec offers health centre professionals courses on families and grief in the context of organ donations.

The organ and tissue donation process starts with two fundamental steps:

  • Identifying the potential donor
  • Obtaining the family’s consent

For the past several years, health centres have been bolstering efforts to maximize the number of potential donors they identify. However, these efforts may be in vain if the family is approached in an inappropriate manner. In fact, there is a good chance that they will give in to emotion and refuse outright, ending the life-giving process. And oftentimes the family will later regret its choice, having made its decision under adverse conditions.

In fact, most health professionals consider that approaching the family for organ donation is the most difficult step in the process.

In response to this need, Transplant Québec’s Families Committee gives a one-day accredited training course on various themes including the family unit, the rules for breaking the bad news, grief in children and adults, suggesting organ donation and the best approach to use, and post-donation follow-up.

For more information, contact the Transplant Québec’s Hospital Teaching and Development Department, Mme Catherine Lefebvre at 514-286-1414, extention 212 or by email: