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Transplant Québec owns and operates the transplantquebec.ca Web site (hereinafter called the “Site”). This page sets out the terms of use governing this Web site. By visiting the Site, you agree to the terms of use described below. If you do not accept these terms of use, do not use the Site. Transplant Québec may modify these terms of use at any time and without prior notice simply by updating this page. It is your responsibility to refer to this page every time you visit the Site in order to take note of any modifications that may be made to these terms of use.


1. Copyright and authorized use

The content of the Site is protected by copyright laws. However, Transplant Québec authorizes you to download and reproduce documents found on the Site provided that you meet the following conditions:

  • All copies and reproductions of documents downloaded from the Site are solely for the personal, non-commercial use, for information purposes only, of the person who has downloaded them.
  • Visitors to the Site are not authorized to reproduce the graphics or photos available on the Site without the accompanying text (captions, etc.), if applicable, or without the prior written authorization of Transplant Québec.
  • No Site user may modify, alter or place on the Site any document, text, photo or other information, by any means or method whatsoever.
  • You must include all copyright notices on any document downloaded from this site and reproduced by any means whatsoever.

2. Disclaimer

Transplant Québec will make every effort to ensure that the information presented on this Site is accurate and up-to-date. In no case shall Transplant Québec be held responsible for any damage that may result from an error on this Site.

Regarding information of a medical nature found on this Site, no person employed by or representing Transplant Québec will answer medical questions pertaining to your specific situation by e-mail. For specific recommendations on treatment, speak to your attending physician.

Transplant Québec cannot be held liable for any damage that may result from the use of this Site or any person’s inability to access it.

3. Modifications

Transplant Québec reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any time, any and all information or document found on this Site.

4. Privacy

Considering that the confidentiality of information sent by e-mail cannot be ensured, Transplant Québec advises you not to e-mail the organization any personal or confidential information. Should you decide to send us such information despite this warning, you agree to assume all risks and you understand that Transplant Québec shall not be held liable for any breach of privacy that may ensue.

5. Hyperlinks

Transplant Québec provides links to third-party sites as a service to visitors to its Site. Transplant Québec shall not be held liable for the content of any other site linked to from the Site. The inclusion of a hyperlink on the Site does not constitute Transplant Québec’s endorsement of the content of that third-party site.

It is strictly forbidden to link to this Site without the prior written authorization of Transplant Québec. To request this authorization, e-mail us at info@transplant quebec.ca.

6. Jurisdiction

These terms of use are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec (Canada). Disputes regarding these terms will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec.